The Crew

Matthew D. Wilson — Director/Screenwriter

Matthew D. Wilson is an award winning fantasy & science fiction illustrator, concept artist, game designer, and world builder. Since 1995, his artistic vision has brought books and games to life and he is responsible for the creation of multiple worlds and intellectual properties that have been explored by fans of all things fantastic across the planet. He is the owner and Chief Creative Officer of Privateer Press, Inc., a highly successful publisher of tabletop miniatures games, role playing games, card games and board games, including such well known properties as WARMACHINE® and MONSTERPOCALYPSE®.

A storyteller at heart, Matt has set his creative sights on a new medium of artistic expression; film. Calling upon his experience as a visual artist and a director of creative talent, Matt has founded Mad Plan ProductionsTM as a vehicle with which to venture into the inspiring realm of motion pictures where he looks forward to seeing his stories and characters come alive on the screen.

Rennie Araucto — Producer

Rennie Araucto has been working in theater and film since the mid 80’s, both as an actor and director in Seattle and the Bay Area. Between theatrical gigs he has worked as the Director of Events Programming for Gen Con, the nations largest hobby gaming convention, a video game designer for Bella Sara, an award winning intellectual property and one of the Northwests top ranked technical educators.

Rennie is the Executive Producer for Good Hair Productions, a motion picture production company focusing on the creation of compelling stories through visual medium.

Barry Gregg — Director of Photography

Barry obtained a degree in motion picture production in 1976 from Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, CA. Two features and two TV documentaries in Europe later, life threw a curve ball that left Barry raising two children and for 20 years shooting studio still life photography. In 1998 the moving image came back into focus with the advent of digital video. As a cinematographer and camera operator, Barry has worked across the US, Honduras, Africa, Europe, Israel and Iraq. Challenging locations that have gone from 14,410 feet on the mountain's summit to the desert heat of war torn Baghdad.

Barry is currently shooting narrative films, which has included three feature films and ten short films as well as a TV talk show. He has won two Best Cinematography awards. His breadth of skills range from the Red 4k digital cinema and HD video t traditional S 16mm and 35mm film.

Ben Dobyns — Unit Production Manager

Ben Dobyns worked for six years as Director of Development for Dead Gentlemen Productions, where he oversaw the business and creative development of both new media and feature films, most noteworthy the cult hit THE GAMERS: DORKNESS RISING, which he executive produced. He has directed three low-budget feature films (ONLY A PAPER MOON, DEMON HUNTERS, and UNREALITY) and numerous shorts (including ATTACK AD, winner of the CurrentTV $15k Launch Challenge), written a novel and several screenplays, is a published short story author, was a co-producer and editor on indie circuit favorite THE DARK HORSE (Best Feature Drama, 2009 International Family Film Festival), and has extensive experience as an assistant director on independent films in the $200k to $8 million range, the most noteworthy being BATTLE IN SEATTLE, starring Charlize Theron and Woody Harrelson. Ben is currently producing the motion picture CAMILLA, based on the novel by Madeleine L’Engle, with producer Larry Estes and director Cornelia Moore; he is also producing a new feature-length fantasy web series with Matt Vancil, which lenses in March. His full credits may be viewed at or

Jason Soles — Prop Master

Jason Soles is a tireless creator driven to pursue his passions beyond health or reason. By day, Soles is the lead developer of Privateer Press' award-winning WARMACHINE and HORDES miniature combat games. His nights are divided between sculpting, writing, and plotting fresh adventures with his lovely companion. Among his most successful nightside endeavors, Soles is the co-creator of Unhallowed Metropolis, the gas mask chic roleplaying game of Neo-Victorian horror.

Janessa Jayne Styck — Costumer

Janessa Jayne Styck is a graduate of Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, Illinois where she studied under Tony-nominated Marcia McDonald. Since her relocation to Seattle in 2007, Janessa has been honored to design for such theatre companies as Book-It Repertory Theatre, Seattle Musical Theatre, and Youth Theatre Northwest. This summer she was busy designing for Wooden O, as well as returning to both Snoqualmie Falls Forest Theatre and GreenStage. This fall, Janessa was excited to be part of a Greenstage special event; the Shakespeare in the park company brought things indoors for a “Hard Bard” version of Titus Andronicus. Janessa is enjoying the learning experience of Wolfsbane, her first adventure in film, as well as the extra challenge of shooting in high definition. She is also looking forward to designing for The Seattle Shakespeare Company’s touring adaptation of A Midsummer’s Nights Dream, which opens March 2010.

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